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Ogilvy Youth is the newest global marketing practice at Ogilvy & Mather, and we are obsessed with all things youth. We bring you the freshest news, trends, and ideas as it pertains to youth culture and the world we live in.

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Ogilvy NY Outfitters

Working in advertising, we get to take part in a lot of different industries - media, technology, art, music, design, writing, etc.  These fields are all reflected in the work we do and they find their ways into our personal styles.  In the vein of Ogilvy Oufitters, for the Ogilvy Youth x Fashion event on Feb 2nd, we are taking you through a brief but stylish tour within Ogilvy NY.  Each day from now until the event, we will ambush - I mean, feature - different teams and take pictures of their personal styles.  With no advanced warning, you’re getting the good/bad/crazy as is.

Without further ado, we feature today a few smart, sassy, and always stylish members of the PR and New Business teams.


Grace Musat and Sophia Aladenoye sharing a laugh in the extensive PR magazine library.


Seat mates Erin Byrnes and Siobhan Murphy stomp through the halls on the 4th floor in OPR.


Mauricio Godoy never stops thinking about his latest campaign strategy.


Katie Weinberger brightening up our day with her sunny skirt on the 9th floor.


Carin Pinto keeps it sleek and simple in New Business.


Daniel Korn getting warmed up for a mean game of ping-pong.


And Katie in action, returning his shot.

Hope you enjoyed this, let us know if there are any teams you want to see tomorrow!

- Felicia Zhang, Ogilvy Youth

(I took the PR pictures on my iPhone and Kenan Ali took the New Biz pictures on his actual camera. My apologies to the PR team - you guys look great!)

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