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Ogilvy Youth is the newest global marketing practice at Ogilvy & Mather, and we are obsessed with all things youth. We bring you the freshest news, trends, and ideas as it pertains to youth culture and the world we live in.

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Ever wonder if the people who work at Ogilvy are as stylish as you think they are?  (Answer is yes.) Wonder what to wear for that advertising interview?  Want to see how fashions have evolved in advertising from the Mad Men era?  We got you.  Started by the fine (and we mean that by every definition of the word) people of Ogilvy Cape Town, then quickly adopted in Jo’burg, and now in NYC, Ogilvy Outfitters is your peek into the fashion anthropology of Ogilvy staffers around the world.  Enjoy, and holla.

- Felicia Zhang, Ogilvy Youth

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